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Mouragio Restaurant
From Ierissos with love

Mouragio was born in 2008 out of love! For the region! For the flavors. For the people. It was conceived on the vision of three brothers: Christos, Giannis and Tasos, to create a venue where people get together, enjoy themselves, sample flavors, at the prettiest spot of the town, the waterfront of Ierissos in Halkidiki.

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Designed to inspire
With an emphasis on traditional values

Designed by architect, Giorgos Tsironas, inspired by the beauty of the landscape, Mouragio is the ideal setting to enjoy your meal or your coffee.

Experience... right where
the surf laps the shore
The value of authenticity

Ierissos has a special characteristic: proximity to the Holy Mountain, a place unique in the world, combined with an outstanding natural wealth and a great tradition. At Mouragio you are bound to have a unique culinary experience with a menu full of Holy Mountain recipes, fresh ingredients and a carefully selected wine list.

Taste of authenticity

Our recipes are influenced by the culinary tradition of the Holy Mountain and the Mediterranean cuisine.

The menu is the careful product of a team of three local chefs: Michalis Stavrothentas, Giorgos Stamos and Nikitas Makris.

Local goat cheese

with olive oil and oregano


Cheese spread


White fish roe

with fresh lemon juice

Halkidiki olives

with oregano and vinegar

Smoked Atlantic mackerel fillet

Fried potatoes

Fried courgettes

with tzatziki
Sautéed mushrooms

with variety of cheese, parsley and tomato

Sautéed mushrooms

with potato, garlic and fresh herbs

Roasted vegetables

with balsamic vinegar and kefalotyri cheese

Local goat cheese-grilled

with tomato and pepper

Variety of cheese croquettes


with tomato jam
Toasted manouri

with Thassos pine honey and ground almonds

Grilled haloumi

with slice bacon and drops of valsamiko vinegar

Aubergine purée

with garlic and parsley

Yellow split-pea fava

with cumin and onion

Aubergines with peppers

with fresh tomato and variety of white cheese
Steamed mussel

with lemon slices

Octopus in wine sauce

with red wine and onion

Catch of the day with lemon, plums, potato, parsley, olive oil

Greek country salad

cucumber, tomato, onion, goat cheese


with fresh tomato, whey cheese, olives, oregano and olive oil

Boiled vegetable platter

Green salad

with olive oil, croutons, olives, oregano and feta mousse

lettuce, spinach, rocket, tomato, mushrooms and sautéed bacon, croutons with balsamic vinegar dressing

Manouri cheese salad

lettuce, rocket, spinach, grilled manouri and orange dressing

Chicken salad

green salad with chicken, croutons, kefalograviera cheese and mustard dressing

Chicken soup

Fish soup

Soup frumenty

with home-made frumenty


with bacon and milk cream

Penne with chicken

and sautéed vegetables

Tagliatelle with smoked pancetta

bacon, heavy cream and tomato

Seafood yuvetsi casserole

with fresh tomato and herbs
Linguine with shrimp*

with fresh tomato and parsley

Mushrooms risotto**

with wild truffle from Chalkidiki


**it depends from availability of truffle.

Mussels saganaki

with mustard sauce

Fried calamari*

Grilled calamari*

Fresh calamari

Grilled octopus*

with extra olive oil and oregano
Roasted shrimp*

with sweet red pepper

Variety of grilled seafood*

with mussels, calamari, shrimp, octopus and basil-infused olive oil

Shrimp* saganaki

with variety of cheeses

Risotto with shrimps*

Safran Kozanis and vegetables


Fish filet

in the oven in a traditional Ierissos recipe

Fresh fried fish

with wheat and corn flour batter

Fresh grilled fish

garnished with green salad or boiled veggies

White seabream

Grilled sardines

Fried anchovies


Striped red mullet

Gilt-head bream

Pork pancetta

Pork souvlaki

Pan-fried pork round


with freshly minced beef and pork meat

Pork tenderloin

with mustard sauce

Chicken fillet

Beef tenderloin

wet maturation with fresh herbs and sautéed vegetables

Sautéed chicken fillet

with vegetables and yoghurt sauce

Breaded chicken fillet

à la crème with mushrooms

Pork steak

with white wine sauce and mushrooms

Dry aged beef steak

The dishes are accompanying with diffent garnish daily

Our fish come from the gulf of Ierissos and the Holy Mountain and are provided daily by local fishermen.

The quality of our flavors and our services, in combination with the unique appearance of our dishes and the venue, guarantee an authentic experience of service and hospitality.

Our fish come from the gulf of Ierissos and the Holy Mountain and are provided daily by local fishermen.

The quality of our flavors and our services, in combination with the unique appearance of our dishes and the venue, guarantee an authentic experience of service and hospitality.

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Οenology expertise
Cheers to quality

Out of our rich wine list we suggest the suitable wine which will ideally complement your chosen dish.

Wine list
An outstanding variety of wines

A carefully selected wine list with wines from the Holy Mountain and Macedonia


White 500ml

20 Agrovision
Sauvignon Blanc

Ampelonas Vatopediou
Athiri-Assyrtiko-Sauvignon Blanc-BIO

White wine Agrovision cuvee Speciale


20 Agrovision

Ampelonas Vatopediou
Grenache Rouge-Syrah - BIO

Local product of Ierissos distillates from small distilleries “Dimeron” 200ml

Semi-sweet 500ml
Μerlot-Grenache Rouge-Syrah

Dry 500ml
Merlot-Grenache Rouge-Syrah


20 Agrovision
Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot

Ieris Oinos
Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot

Ampelonas Vatopediou

Pedion Agiou Sava-Iera Moni Hilandariou

Red sweet wine Agrovision cuvee Speciale


Techni Alipias
Sauvignon Blanc-Assyrtiko

Ktima Gerovassiliou

Ktima Biblia Chora
Ασύρτικο-Sauvignon Blanc

Malagousia Gerovassiliou

Viognier Gerovassiliou


Grande Reserve Naousa Boutari

Ktima Gerovassiliou

Ktima Biblia Chora
Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Agiorgitiko


Moët & Chandon
Pinot Noir-Pinot Meunier-Chardonnay

m sima
m sima
Restaurant Guru 2021
Best Restaurant

An important distinction for Mouragio restaurant
in Ierissos, Halkidiki.


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